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ROOFING Services


Longlast Roofing Offer a full range of roofing services for business and domestic customers with a free no obligation quote, Contact Us on 07780 461494.

Skylights and Rooflights

Skylights and Rooflights can transform a dull room into a light, airy space with increased functionality, helping you to make the most of your property. Providing a comprehensive range of Velux windows, available in many sizes and styles, and designed to compliment any room, Longlast Roofing can also supply and install rooflights to provide you with extra light and block up to 82.4% of harmful UV rays.

Guttering and Downpipes

Guttering not only provides functional storm water drainage, it also forms part of the character and style of your property. Longlast Roofing also provides a comprehensive guttering repair and replacement service using a variety of materials that provide protection from general wear and tear, flooding and water damage that can help improve the look and feel of your property.

Lead Work

Over time, lead work can deteriorate and cause problems if left unattended. We cover all aspects of roofing lead work, including capping, cladding, flashing, guttering and flat sheet roofing. We can remove existing lead roofings and replace them with new installations, using high quality lead, that allow you to retain the appearance of your property, whilst being guaranteed to last for many years to come.

Slating, Tiling and Felt Roofs

Whether it’s replacing damaged tiles, or providing a completely new roof, we can help. We fit new roofs using either clay or concrete tiles or natural synthetic slate. Both tile and slate roofs come in a variety of colours making them suitable for modern and period properties. Where damage extends beyond the tiles and to the felt underneath, we can fit new non perishable felt before re-fixing the original tiles, only replacing damaged tiles.

Emergency Repairs/Storm Damage

Sudden unexpected damage to your roof can require urgent repairs to protect other parts of your home and belongings. We offer an emergency call out service where we advise on how to repair the damage and provide a free no-obligation quote for any work required. If you accept the quote, we will normally carry out the repairs on the spot, or within 24 hours if extra materials or replacement parts are required. The emergency call out service can be accessed 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


We provide a full range of maintenance and care services, from one-off maintenance checks to long term contracts. Our comprehensive checks and surveys look at every element of the roof to identify and resolve problems at the earliest stage, taking immediate action to avoid long term damage and costly repairs in the future. During a routine maintenance check, we can replace loose slates and worn felt, assess and repair chimney stacks and look for any potential guttering blockages so that we can clear them before they cause problems for you.


High quality, cost effective insulation can reduce the heat lost through poorly constructed roofs or inadequately built loft spaces. Whatever type of roof you have, we provide roof insulation to help you keep down the costs of household heating bills.


Over time gaps and decay can occur in even the highest quality roofing materials and mortar as a result of weathering. The re-pointing repair service provides protection from the elements and helps to reduce long term damage and repair bills. We take care to ensure that mortar is mixed to match the colour and texture of your existing mortar, that there is no damage to your brickwork, and that all mortar joints are replaced correctly after we finish work on your property.


In addition to our roofing services, we are also able to offer specialist carpentry services for both domestic and commercial properties. This includes the provision of wooden roof structures, wood frames and timber roof components. All carpentry work is completed to the same high standard as our roofing services, with no obligation and free consultations and quotations provided.

Cladding and Fascias

We offer a variety of different cladding options and fascias, designed to protect domestic and commercial property from weathering, rain and damp, and general wear and tear. Available in a range of high quality materials they are cost effective, reliable, and can enhance the appearance of your property.

Contact Us today on 07780 461494 for a no obligation quotation for any of our roofing services.